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WNBA Players Partner With Online Marketplace Parity

OneTeam Partners is proud to announce a multi-year partnership between the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (“WNBPA”) and Parity, an online sponsorship platform for women athletes that aims to create strategic marketing opportunities and drive revenue for players in the WNBA.

Announced on Women’s Equality Day, the partnership will provide players the opportunity to quickly and seamlessly join the Parity online community of 600+ athletes across 40 sports and a growing list of brands. Parity’s clients already include brands such as MICROSOFT, Gainbridge, Morgan Stanley, Strava, Thule and Literati, since their launch in Q3 2020.

“If we are honest about our history, we recognize that the women’s movement has not always been inclusive,” WNBPA Executive Director Terri Jackson said. “Together with OneTeam Partners and Parity, we pledge to continue to break down barriers and commit to continue the fight for equality for women of color and all women.”

Authenticity is the key in the increasingly competitive influencer marketing space. By taking the extra step to unlock an athlete’s genuine interests and social advocacy and matching those interests and causes with potential corporate sponsors, Parity’s platform and focused approach facilitates more intentional and compelling brand marketing campaigns.

“The value that players of the WNBPA bring to brands through their authentic and powerful connections to their fans is a largely untapped resource,” said Parity co-CEO Minji Ro, who formerly served as commissioner of the New York City Gay Basketball League and a VP at Goldman Sachs. “We understand that these women are elite athletes, powerful advocates and leaders in their communities. We hope to help move the needle for a more equitable revenue stream and an even higher profile.”

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