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NFL Expands Partnership With Reddit

The NFL has expanded its partnership with Reddit to bring more content to the social media platform for the 2021 season. Reddit’s NFL communities have recorded 303 million views per month since the partnership began in 2019.

Programming on NFL Network will now include on-screen QR codes that viewers can scan with their mobile phone to direct them to polls on the NFL’s Reddit page. The NFL is also letting brands sponsor content on Reddit, which includes the r/NFL community as well as pages for all 32 teams. In total, the NFL’s reddit communities reach about six million members. 

Current and former players, as well as club personnel, will continue hosting Ask Me Anything discussions on Reddit, which the league has done since the 2019 season. The expanded partnership will see historical NFL highlights and behind-the-scenes video content added to Reddit for the first time.

“This partnership is not only a fantastic way to continue rewarding loyal NFL fans on the platform, it represents a very real opportunity for advertisers seeking to align their brand with the prestigious NFL shield in the most leaned-in, engaged environment on the internet,” Harold Klaje, Reddit Global’s EVP and president of advertising, said in a statement. 

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