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National Women’s Soccer League Partners With Sport Buff on Twitch

The NWSL is partnering with gamification company Sport Buff to enhance the streaming experience for fans watching globally on Twitch.

Sport Buff’s unique video overlay delivers fully interactive and engaging gamification, delivering real-time engagement in the form of predictions, polls, trivia, ratings, and much more, letting fans play with and against their friends. NWSL will use Sport Buff’s overlay to further drive engagement over the top of their regular season games on Twitch.

The partnership will span the 2021 and 2022 NWSL seasons, correlating with the remaining tenure of Twitch’s three-year deal with the NWSL that was signed in March 2020. Twitch shares NWSL broadcast rights with CBS Sports. Sport Buff’s widget will let fans answer polls such as which player they think has performed best during a match.

Jonty Whitehead, President & Founder of Sport Buff said: Working with one of the premium brands in all of sport while engaging with a world-wide audience makes this such an exciting new partnership for Sport Buff. It is now, more than ever, essential for rights holders to really consider how to engage with their fanbase – how to deliver an experience that is personal to them, that helps build a sense of community. NWSL are ahead of the game in this respect, and we are delighted that they have chosen us to go on this journey with them.

“Our fans are some of the most digitally engaged in all of global sports and providing this type of interactivity to our Twitch broadcasts offers those fans another way to come together, have some fun and show their support,” NWSL director of digital operations Antonia Loffredo said in a statement.

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