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Team USA to Wear Ralph Lauren Cooling Tech at Tokyo Olympics

Ralph Lauren, an official partner of Team USA, will introduce its newest cooling technology at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Team USA’s flag bearer will wear the new tech, which was developed solely for Team USA athletes. 

The iconic brand unveiled Team USA’s opening ceremony parade uniform on Wednesday, featuring a new wearable technology calling it “RL Cooling.” The team’s jackets are designed with a self-regulating temperature cooling device — basically, a personal air-conditioner to wear during what is expected to be one of the hottest-ever Games. 

The device monitors and optimizes the wearer’s temperature, activating a system when the wearer is overheated that creates a “cooling sensation” that is long-lasting, regardless of the outside temperature. The battery-powered device is placed on the back of the jacket, blasting the wearer’s neck with cold air in a similar way to how computers are kept cool.

“Recognizing Tokyo’s summer heat, we sought to develop a solution for Team USA that fuses fashion and function—allowing them to look and feel their best on one of the world’s biggest stages,” Ralph Lauren’s chief branding and innovation officer David Lauren said in a statement.

“Following a year marked by isolation and strife, this summer’s Games are a true testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and the universal power of sport to energize and unite the world,” said Lauren. “As we come together to celebrate and compete, we must also embrace our responsibility to protect the planet we all call home.” 

This isn’t the first time Ralph Lauren has tailored custom garments for Team USA. In 2018, the company debuted heated parkas for the opening ceremony in PyeongChang, which were controlled by iPhone. Ralph Lauren has partnered with Team USA since 2008.

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