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Miami Booster Plans $540,000 NIL Endorsement Deal to All Hurricanes Football Players on Scholarship

Dan Lambert, the owner of a Florida-based chain of mixed martial arts gyms, discussed big plans Tuesday to try to help Miami Hurricanes football players take advantage of new rules that allow them to take advantage of the new NIL rules.

Owner of American Top Team and a longtime Miami football fan, Lambert said in an interview with CaneSport that he is offering Miami’s 90 scholarship football players $500 monthly contracts to help promote his mixed martial arts training academies. Players can earn up to $6,000 a year by promoting the gyms through social media, personal appearances and other marketing strategies. 

“The NIL legislation is an amazing opportunity for businesses and fans to directly impact the lives of these players and the national reputation of our team,” Lambert told CaneSport. “I originally planned to just enter into deals with a few players and then it hit me that there is a way bigger play here. With the right contacts, effort and financial commitment, we can reach every player and get this city firmly behind this team where it should be.”

“I want to help the kids. I want to reward them for what they do, and I want a better product on the field, too,” Lambert told ESPN on Tuesday. “I want to improve the reputation of the school and the team I love so much. I think it’s a cool opportunity to get involved and make a difference.”

“I’m not looking to profit from this,” Lambert said. “I want to try to bring people together and make our team better. I’ve got too many Gator and Seminole friends that have been s—-ing on me for the last 20 years. I want to reverse it.”

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