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Washington Football Team Names Tanya Snyder Co-CEO of Franchise

The franchise made the announcement Tuesday, making her one of a few women CEOs in the history of the league. She is also a co-owner of the franchise with Dan Snyder.

Tanya Snyder has been the leader of the Washington Football Charitable Foundation since 2000 and founded the “Women of Washington” fan club in 2011. A breast cancer survivor, Tanya Snyder also helped introduce the NFL’s “Think Pink” campaign in 1999.

“Tanya is one of the most important figures in this organization, and that has only become more true over the last 18 months as her involvement has deepened,” Dan Snyder said in a statement announcing the news. “Publicly, many know Tanya for her incredible and impactful work in breast cancer awareness and her leadership of our charitable foundation. But behind the scenes, she has had a profound impact on the direction of the Washington Football Team. She was instrumental in our decision to evolve the brand and modernize our fan experience — including the entertainment team.”

The Snyder family purchased the franchise in 1999. The family gained complete control of the franchise in March when NFL owners unanimously approved their purchase of the remaining 40.5% of the Washington Football Team from the franchise’s minority owners.

Washington also remains under an independent investigation by attorney Beth Wilkinson, stemming from a number of sexual harassment allegations by previous employees over a 15-year period that were detailed by The Washington Post last summer. The investigation remains ongoing.

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