University of Washington Football Players to Test High-Tech Helmet from Vicis

The University of Washington football team will be one of the first to try out Vicis’ innovative new helmet, The Seattle Times reported.

Vicis, founded in Seattle two years ago, has developed a helmet that provides more protection against skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, and concussion than the traditional helmet used by athletes today, according to the company. The helmet differentiates from other available options because of a unique outer shell material that is designed to mitigate the forces thought to cause concussions on the football field and in other contact sports.


The 30-person startup actually spun out of the UW in 2014 and one of its co-founders, CTO Per Reinhall, is the chairman of the UW Mechanical Engineering Department.

Now Vicis is ready for teams to wear its ZERO1 helmet, which retails at $1,500 each. A Vicis spokesperson confirmed with GeekWire that the UW will test the helmets this season, but didn’t provide details on the other teams using the helmet.

The company previously told GeekWire that around 25 NFL and 30 NCAA teams have expressed interest in testing the helmet for the 2016 season.


[via Geek Wire]

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