Nike File Augmented Reality Patents

According to patent filings made public recently, Apple (AAPL) and Nike (NKE) each have their own augmented reality (AR) features in the works.


According to Nike’s July 5 patent, which is a continuation of a previous filing, its augmented reality design system “allows a user to create a design for an article in real time using a proxy,” as the illustration above indicates.

Basically, users could use the software to design their own custom shoes in holographic fashion, using what appears to be a Google Glass-style headset.

This isn’t the only instance of Nike delving into 3D technology. The Swoosh announced last October at its 2015 investor day that in partnership with DreamWorks Animation’s (DWA) Nova, it is developing a 3D digital design system that will be capable of “nearly instantaneous digital print applications, photo-real 3D visualizations and ultrarapid prototyping.”

[Read about Apple’s augmented reality here]

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