NFL May Cut Back On Super Bowl Tix Given To Teams

The NFL is considering significantly lowering the number of Super Bowl tickets it gives to the two participating teams and giving the tickets it takes back to its hospitality offshoot, On Location Experiences.

Owners may vote on the change at this week’s league meeting in Charlotte. It’s a decision that is sure to generate controversy, given that it involves teams giving up Super Bowl tickets.

The NFL’s current distribution of Super Bowl tickets follows this formula:
 35 percent: The two participating teams (17.5 percent to each)
 25 percent: Retained by the league
 5 percent: Host team
 35 percent: The league’s other 29 clubs (approx. 1 percent to each)

In other words, if there are 70,000 tickets available for the game, under the possible new plan, the two participating teams would lose 3,000 tickets from an allocation that currently provides them about 12,000 tickets.

[via Sports Business Journal]

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